In the mid-nineties californian Audi engineers began to develop a new sports coupe; the nowadays well-known Audi TT. The initials TT, ‘Tourist Trophy’ or ‘Technology and Tradition’ remind us of the successful racing tradition of AutoUnion/DKW in the Isle of Man TT. After introducing the concept in 1995, Audi launched the production model 3 years later.

Fascinated from the day it was released, Wolfi kept dreaming about calling this car his own someday. Seven years later his dream came true. Like new with only 30000km on the clock, untouched, silver with a grey leather interior from 1999, one of the first ones. Wolfi, who is employed at the heart of Audi in Ingolstadt, quickly realised that the car would not stay stock. Coilovers and 18’’ Wheels where sourced –  he tasted blood, the beginning of a passion.

Influenced by the car scene back then, he swapped the coilovers and 18“ wheels for airride and 20“ wheels. Bored of the all grey car, the TT was painted in cherry black including some airbrush work and the interior was reupholstered in white.

„I was 19 when our paths crossed for the first time. I owned a bodykitted second gen A3 with some 18’’ Ronal splits –‘what else could you want?’ I thought. But my thoughts were quickly gone, when I first saw Wolfi’s TT glowing in the dark at a parking-lot meet. I was like holy shit.”

Wolfi’s demands kept rising. A new set of 20s and another re-trimmed leather interior in white were next on the list. But with age, as it sometimes happens, he became more rational. Wolfi wanted more of an understatement – he found his way back home!
 The TT became black, BMW’s ‘Rubinschwarz’, all the airbrush had to go. Since the paint was BMW, why not add some BMW wheels, he thought. Wolfi found some BBS RC 060/061 aka BMW Style 5’s. The different PCD required some adapters, a combination that led to a flush fitment. He became fitment addicted. The introduction of his new style to the scene caused a shit storm, the german 90s fitment-style seemed to be forgotten. AINT CARE! Another 18“ setup followed – the measure of all things for this platform.
„I was flashed when I saw this A6 on wide OZ Futuras at the end of 2012’s show season. That’s how I met Matt, and that’s where the story began“, explains Wolfi.

OEM? An insult for this masterpiece. Details like shaved contour lines, exhaust recess and indicators are often overlooked but you get blinded by the shine when the hood is left at home on a good day. The engine bay is defined by chrome and a shaved emptiness, cleaner than you sisters room!

 „You are nuts!“ was my statement, when Wolfi mentioned catchwords like bigger turbo, custom exhaust system and performance. But having a clear goal in sight, he left the TT in the garage for upgrades in 2013. So his Daily A4 B7 was quickly equipped with a set of coilovers and 11×18 MAE Crown Jewels to hit Wörthersee that year. „Thats how we roll”
Rubinschwarz (BMW) paint
shaved bumpers and side indicators
V6 grille
US spec head and rear lights
white leather with red seams
Rockford system with Kenwood headunit
GAS Airride
Accu Air Rocker Switch
Accu Air iLevel
Camber plates
IDF Dropplates, with -1° Camber Shims
Camber F -4°/R -5°
9/9,5×18 ET 13/18 (Adapters included)
215/35 Falken FK 452
Cayenne 6 piston brakes with 334mm Zimmermann discs
shaved 1,8T
GT2871R Turbolader
3″ Downpipe
custom made exhaust system
100 cell cat
Bosch 040 Fuel Pump
470cc injectors
60×30 intercooler
remapped ECU